More Good Beer is More Good reports that the number of new breweries in planning continues to rise.

The number of breweries in the planning stages have jumped from 915 at the end of 2011 to more than 1200 as of publication.

Here in Cincinnati, I was pleased to read recently that yet another brewery called Blank Slate had opened their doors recently. They’re a keg only operation so far, but I hope to check out their products soon. Blank Slate joins Mt. Carmel and Rivertown (as well as Sam Adams and Christian Moerlein) on Cincinnati’s impressive list of brewers. We’re no Portland, but there’s no shortage of good beer in Cincinnati, The City That Loves to Drink (I mean Sing).

Back in the saddle again

There’s nothing like the feeling of going for a ride on your own bike. Let me explain.

As a (recovering) bicycle journalist, I get the opportunity to ride a good number of other bikes. It’s not as though I have six road bikes in the basement to choose from, but there are generally always temptations available to me. I do still have a very nice Blue Axino with full Dura Ace that I’ve been enjoying, but last night, I went for a fast and furious ride on my trusty Giant TCR Advanced. There’s a lot to be said for a bike that you know like the back of your hand. I can do things on the Giant that I wouldn’t dare on other bikes, and with comfort and confidence comes an extra dose of speed.

And can I put a big thanks out to Light and Motion for some hella bright lights to make my nighttime training a whole lot safer? The new Seca 800 light was on duty last night and significantly expanded how far I can see down the road. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a whole heck of a lot more visible, too. Like with the bike, more comfort and convenience, more speed.

Outside of familiarity breeding speed, it’s just nice getting back to my night time training routine. It’s a far better use of time than sitting in front of the TV (or the computer for that matter), and my wife knows that a Rinaldo that rides is a happy Rinaldo, so she is all for it.

I also had the opportunity to get in some miles with some friends on Friday. Different scene (bike path), different bike (singlespeed ‘cross), different feel (casual and jovial). We still got in about 25 miles, but it was all in the interest of fun. The ride was followed up with pizza and beer at The Works, all served up by our favorite waiter who still can’t figure out how to divide by three.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve ridden with Dave and Tom and there was plenty to catch up on. New jobs for two of us. A daughter turning eighteen (not mine, thank God), vacations, music and movies. Plenty to talk about and never a dull moment.