Cincinnati Beer News – October 29, 2012

I’ve been tied up with being out of town the last couple of weeks, so here’s a couple of beer news highlights from the area featuring Stagnaro, Blank Slate and Triple Digit.

Stagnaro Does It Half Right:

Cheers to local craft beer distributor Stagnaro for picking up the Ohio and Kentucky distribution for the fantastic beers of Oskar Blues. It’s great to have some new options in the region.

Stagnaro managed to do something right on the marketing side, making both local and national news for what was called Ohio’s “biggest craft beer launch”.

If you were a local beer nut, you have every reason to be excited, about the planned “series of events, interviews and tastings”, but here’s where Stagnaro got it wrong. Down to the day that the rollout was to take place, there were no event listings on Stagnaro’s website. Facebook? Yes, but shouldn’t your company website be the major source of news?

This is what I sometimes call “getting it right and getting it wrong”. Companies will occasionally focus on the big national picture without taking care of things locally – I saw it all the time in the cycling industry – a big trade show rollout of a new product, plenty of hype, but when I go home to write about this cool new thing, there’s nothing on their website to link to. It’s as simple as this don’t create excitement and traffic if you’re not ready for customers to beat a path to your door.

As it goes, I didn’t make to any local outlets for the rollout. I was in Akron on business. There were some events taking place up around Cleveland, but after a long day in the office I didn’t want to make the drive.

Speaking of Akron, it needs to be on your beer tour list. Plenty of good stuff happening up there. Separate post on that coming soon.

More Good News, Growth for Blank Slate

First up for Blank Slate is that they have picked a distributor. Owner Scott announced just last week that he decided to go with Stagnaro for distribution around the area. It seems like a good fit. They seem to have knowledge of craft beer as well as good reach around the greater Cincinnati area. Since Scott has been self-distributing since he opened, hopefully this will take some of that work off of his back so he can focus more time on developing his beers. I know that both companies are located close to Lunken Airport so that may help matters as well.

Blank Slate also got to be part of a tap takeover at Arthur’s Cafe in Hyde Park.  In what I hope is a growing trend, Arthur’s is going to have all local beers on tap. There’s plenty of good breweries in town now, and enough varieties rolling out to keep things interesting for fickle customers. Will Arthur’s possibly lose some customers that will be upset about not being able to get Bud Light on tap? Maybe so, but I’ve never been there before, and I’m sure to make a trip there now.

Triple Digit’s Chickow To Make Return

Triple Digit’s Chickow! was a big hit and the Craft Beer Oktoberfest, so they decided to brew another batch. They’ve split the wort between their 7 barrel fermenter and a bourbon barrel, so it’ll be interesting to compare and contrast when it becomes available. It’s supposed to be ready in a couple of weeks.


ArtWorks Installs New Sculptural Bike Rack in Northside’s Jacob Hoffner Park

On September 11, ArtWorks installed their latest sculptural bike rack on Hamilton Avenue in Northside’s Jacob Hoffner Park.  The bike rack is a part of ArtWorks’ Queen City Art Rack project, and was designed by local artist and metal worker Kate Demske.

Queen City Art Racks is an ongoing initiative to bring artist-designed, functional bike racks to public spaces throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  In the process, it engages community stakeholders, employs professional artists, and strengthens the region’s transportation options by creating awareness around bicycle parking. Since its launch in the spring of 2010, Queen City Art Racks has created 14 opportunities for artists. The new art rack in Northside is the ninth to be installed.

The design for this art rack was inspired by Northside history.  Demske, who lives and works in Northside, shared, “This park was once the estate of Jacob Hoffner, noted Northside land owner and philanthropist.  He was also an avid gardener, and Palm Street was named for the most famous plant in his greenhouse: a Sago Palm which had been owned by Robert Morris (one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence) before and during the Revolutionary War.  This palm lived more than 130 years and was eventually donated to Horticultural Hall in Philadelphia.  It’s said that the only specimen that could rival it was owned by George Washington.”

The project was sponsored by John Castaldi and Terry Bazeley, with additional support provided by MoBo Bicycle Co-op.  Castaldi stated,

“Terry and I see art created through ArtWorks every single day and believe very strongly that public art enriches the lives of all Cincinnatians.  We are also very committed to Northside and our neighbors here and wanted to do something for our community.  Finally, we wanted the rack to be designed by one of our neighborhood’s many artists and were thrilled with the choice of Kate Demske and the final result.”

Those interested in designing or sponsoring an art rack should visit

New beers from “local” breweries

There are a couple of new beers coming from “local” breweries. I say “local” because one is from Samuel Adams, and while the company is headquartered elsewhere, could definitely be brewed here.

I’ll do the truly local one first: Triple Digit‘s Rum Barrel-aged Aftermath Scottish Ale. It’s a Scottish Wee Heavy that uses a combination of 2 row, crystal, Victory and Chocolate malts, Brewers Gold hops and Ale yeast. It has a fairly mellow IBU of 25, but a butt-kicking ABV of 10.5%. It will be available in 22 oz.bottles and limited release draft.


Samuel Adams is soon to release their Cezzane Ale. The label has been approved, but it’s not yet on their website. I figure that it will come out as one of their Barrel Room, Specialty or Limited Release beers.